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Multi channel display, with data logging and network connection Eighth DIN digital panel meters for measuring and controlling most physical variables Custom made message displays for production line monitoring Combined temperature and humidity displays for industrial environmental monitoring Industrial clocks with automatic summer and winter correction, synchronisation to atomic standards Loop powered Eighth DIN digital panel meters Analogue AC and DC panel meters Miniature programmable digital panel meters for AC and DC measurements Fully sealed industrial large digit displays Custom made large displays, in this case an outdoor temperature display for a holiday resort Custom made event count down displays Customised large bargraphs built to suit your specifications Multi-colour panel mounting programmable bargraphs 1/8 DIN bargraph Large format sealed bargraph Multi-colour miniature panel mounting programmable bargraphs Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Triple 4-20mA loop splitter Portable carrying case for laboratory or general test use. 1 to 12 panel meter capacity Network enabled power monitor and data logger Generator synchro display and controller IP67 splash proof cover for Eighth DIN panel meters
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Panel Meters, Large Displays, Factory Software, OEE ...

Welcome to London Electronics Ltd. We design and build a wide range of standard and custom large displays, digital panel meters, message displays, signal conditioners, countdown timers process controllers and OEE or production line displays.

New Factory Clocks, New Prices! [info]

We also write custom PHM software for monitoring and improving production line efficiency, OEE, quality and reducing down time.

Designed to be easy to use, to save you time on site. The Intuitive panel meters, Titan alphanumeric message displays and FUSION large digit display range are advanced products which have a uniquely user-friendly 'no menu' approach. A clear, sensible set-up and calibrating method, welcomed by new users and experienced engineers alike.

Factory production line monitors

These displays go over each of this high volume furniture factory's production lines to show live production performance.

All the processing is done inside the displays, so there is simply a power connection and a pulse input connection, plus reset contact closure to clear the totals at the end of each shift.

Fully sealed IP65 all round, with glanded cable entries.

production line monitoring large display with OEE

Production monitoring large displays to show OEE, target, rate, total, downtime, efficiency and takt

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Digital panel meters and large digital displays, bargraphs, message displays and signal conditioners Large display with 4inch high blue LEDs Large display with 4 inch high red LEDs. Mounted inside a weather cowl for outdoor use. Bargraph display with 250mm (10 inch) scale. Model PRO-BAR PCC1 and PCC2 examples. An ideal solution if you want to mount your digital panel meter in an enclosure for portable or laboratory bench use. Triple loop 4-20mA splitter. Model TIM018 Panel mounting printer with real time calendar clock. 1/8 DIN bargraph displays. Model BAR-A and BAR-X Digital panel meters are ideal in any physical measurement / control application. Our range is designed to be user friendly for fast stress-free setup. Large display for OEE and production line monitoring.. This example has a white case option. Black also available. Fully sealed to IP65 ideal for use in food manufacturing environments. Wall, suspension or panel mounting. This large display has 4inch high digits.Other sizes include 2 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches and 11 inches. These large displays are sealed to IP65 or IP54. 2 inch large display, sealed IP65. As with all our large displays, many input options are available. Include 4-20mA, 0-10V, Pulses for totalising / count, or rate / speed measurement. All have remote digital scaling for high precision and stability. A totaliser /counter large display. These are popular in production environments, to show teams how their output compares to target. Combined with our other large displays, such as Rate, elapsed time, target etc., you can create a valuable tool to help boost team morale and efficiency.

Alphanumeric message displays in the Titan range

Cloud-based production line monitoring.
See how your lines are performing, with live data, which you can view from from anywhere in the world. Secure, password protected access. We can customise your application to suit your lines exactly. Analysis over time, with pie charts, line graphs, Gantt charts, bar charts etc.

Smart Buttons

These buttons save all presses to a database and can email or text team members to alert them of a press.

This example times how long the button has been pressed for and lets the operator know that help has been called.

Smart buttons are cloud-enabled so their status can be seen by anyone with a web browser and logon permissions.

Click me to see a smart button in action...

ethernet converter, time reference, transmitters and oee display An Ethernet converter for RS232 or RS485 devices A precision Atomic clock based time reference. Uses GPS satellite signals for synchronisation, for worldwide use. Isolating and scaling signal transmitters Affordable way to measure OEE on any production line. Self contained, easy to install

analogue panel meters

Time temperature and humidity large display for factories

Andon Displays, Beacons and Traffic Lights
andon beacon traffic light

New Andons accept pushbuttons, 24V logic and iPad/Tablet!

Networked Andon Systems with historic analysis 
which you can access anywhere with a web browser. 
Secure login and encrypted connection for privacy of data.

Can integrate with your existing andon system.

Auto updating app for iPad/Android/Windows/Mac 

Click for an example of a 6 button networked andon system, with reason entries for each button and Gantt Chart timeline of button status. Hover for details of durations and reasons.

Having real time statistical data about each station's activity allows you to fine tune your Kaizen / Continuous Improvement processes, with clear indication of which areas need the most urgent attention, for best improvement.

This new web-enabled tool can also be added to your existing Andon system, allowing you the added benefit of being able to view in real-time the status of all machines, plus historical statistics and graphs, even if you are off site.

You can also use iPads, tablets or web-enabled phones instead of traditional hard-wired andon pushbuttons.

This allows your operators to report issues on the go. Plus, they can select reason codes from drop-down lists to further help you analyse ways to improve your process.

Secure web connections keep your data private. Our unique auto-updating app means you never have to worry about downloading the latest version. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple PC, Windows, Linux.

We can also easily customise the analysis and entry system for you, and we can do it remotely, giving you the flexibility to grow and adapt and develop your processes with the maximum up-time.

Designed, developed and built by us, for you, to your specification. The system is that flexible!

Secure login and encrypted connection for privacy of your commercially sensitive data.

For more information on our web-based Andon Systems, please Contact us.

Weather Station Airport displays

One of many custom made large displays, showing live weather data for installation on airstrips.

large weather display

Modular stacking beacons, towers and andons

A range of modular click-together beacon lamps, fixed size towers (often called andon lights), with protection to IP65 as standard (sounder ASA is IP54), claxons etc.

modular beacons

->Modular Beacon tower page...

Guinness World Records display

A custom built large display for Guinness, taking votes from people to determine whether they think St Patrick's day is the friendliest day of the year.

Guinness World Records large digital display

In Irish Green LEDs, of course! Sláinte!

Sealed Beacons - Flush Mount

Circular 95mm diameter sealed LED clusters, 12V-24V DC power

95mm circular LED cluster

Number of active LEDs = 10
Power: 12-24Volt DC
Overall size (with bracket)100 x 100 x 31mm

Current draw at 13.8Volts and at 27.5Volts (auto switching):
  Red = 80mA
  Amber = 150mA
  White = 150mA

Cable length = 250mm
Lens Material = PPMA
Casing material = ABS
Mounting hole diameter = 84mm
Screw distance = 75mm, 4mm diameter.

If you don't see exactly what you want, please contact us and we will gladly quote to make a product to suit your exact needs.


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