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Factory KPI displays and Production Line Monitoring

In a competitive market, you need to respond immediately to anything which could affect your production line efficiency. You need to deal with it now, and you need to understand what to do to stop it from happening again.

That is exactly what we specialise in, with over 27 years of experience, helping some of the world’s best-known manufacturers deliver the ultimate in their production line efficiency.

OEE and KPI Displays for boosting factory performance

Tell us what is important in your process and we will develop an affordable, reliable and effective production line KPI monitoring system for you, which will pay for itself many times over.

We can save the live data to a cloud-based system, so you can view the same live data from wherever you are in the world and analyse historic data.

See our factory analysis section for information on our custom-analytics systems.

Stock Status display to show stock status in various stores areas.

We offer a range of sizes to allow viewing from close up to as far as 200m away. Sealed for washdown and with a 3 year warranty, these displays are reliable and quickly pay for themselves. All are RoHS compliant.

“Hi Bob,

Here are some photos of the Displays and a short video in action.

Thanks for some good work by LEL, they are just what we wanted.”

Best Regards,
Denis Sturman
C&I Engineer
Saint Gobain Glass

Here is an example of a simple custom touch screen application we developed, for 5 production lines, able to analyse data and present it graphically and as a .csv file over 6 time ranges.

The touch screen interrogates 5 large overhead digital display counters, each of which show the 3 individual shift totals and a grand total produced for the day.

A simple live comparison system to show whether a line is performing to target rate.

Our displays are designed for washdown environments.

… and the 5 line displays …

A Days since Last Accident site safety display

Industrial displays need to accept the most common industrial signals, so we have solutions for TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, EtherCAT, ControlNet, 4-20mA, load cells etc.

“We had a specific requirement for our station timers and London Electronics were not fazed by this at all.

James visited our site with demo models and explained very clearly what he needed from us in order to get the best product.

We had changing circumstances in our project and LE responded quickly to all. When faced with meeting a much earlier deadline than expected they really pushed on so we could get all the timers we needed.

Overall they are a very professional company, the products they have supplied are top quality and I will be using them in any further projects.”

Paul Johnson, Maintenance Engineer: Bentley Motors Limited

A wide range of warehousing monitoring and display systems, such as routing signs, bay status displays, clocks, temperature and humidity displays etc.

Flat pack furniture production monitoring – a case study

The task
Decorative Panels Furniture asked us to design and build production monitoring displays for each of their flat-pack component production lines.

They wanted a system which was easy to install and use. It also needed to be able to withstand the dusty conditions created by the wood saws.

The information needed to be updated live, so they could see at a glance how they were performing, and take any action necessary to ensure they met their targets.

The production lines are up to 60m long, so they needed displays which would be easy to see from that distance.

Our solution
We designed a fully sealed enclosure to accept 4 of our Fusion large display modules. Each module can accept pulses directly from proximity sensors, and can count pulses, compute rate, compute average speed etc.

We used our standard 6 inch high digits to give the necessary clear viewing up to 60m.

We styled the front of the displays to match the logo and colour scheme used by Decorative Panels. This reinforces their corporate branding impact when inviting prospective customers to view their facility.

Please see Decorative Panels Website

This display system is a fully self-contained display which accepts pulses from the line and computes real-time key performance data …

This display system is a fully self-contained display which accepts pulses from the line and computes real-time key performance data …

This display gives an easily visible live display of travelling crane positioning in a critical process.

Production line efficiency large digital display with clock

A combined synchronised clock and individual production output counter for each componentmanufacturing station.

High performance engine production line efficiency display

An engine production line efficiency display. Note the speaker and power amplifier above the display – various announcements, sounds and cues can be played automatically depending on real-time performance.

Window Manufacturing production display

It is important in any competitive, tight-margin industry to know whether you are operating to plan. This real-time display lets the manufacturing teams see whether they are on target, so that they can respond immediately if they start lagging behind plan.

Food production line performance display

A fully sealed, washdown tolerant large display production line performance monitor.

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