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Days Since Last Accident


Our Fusion range of Large Digit displays are versatile and can be used to show a variety of numerical data. The FUSION-H functions as a clock/timer and has 11 differing modes of use/digit format.

A popular use for the FUSION-H is as a day counter. This feature is particularly useful for days since last accident displays. This mode will automatically count-up the days until the display is reset. This is most commonly sold as 4 digit display, with digit height selected to match the viewing distance. There is choice of 5 digit colours allowing a suitable display to be selected.

Our displays are sealed to IP65 which means they are suitable for outdoor use. The daylight viewing option also ensures the digits are bright enough to be visible outside. These features allow, companies to display this information at the entrance to their premises.

In the example below, Ideal Bathrooms have use their recently installed FUSION-H, in day counter mode, to demonstrate their days since lost time accident data.

ideal bathrooms day counter