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Case Studies

We sell into all industries, to Customers of all sizes, from one-person engineering consultancies to multi-national conglomerates.

Anyone who needs to measure or display something which is important to the efficiency of their operation is a potential customer.

Our strength lies in our vast experience and engineering knowledge. We don’t just sell a product, we offer guidance and suggestions on how to achieve vital improvements in quality and performance, using the most cost effective and direct methods.

M & J Seafoods


M & J Seafoods: Fleetwood (now part of Breaks Group) difficult sensing application of fish fillets in a very wet enviornment, montiroing targets v.s actuals with Andon lights to improve line efficiencies and communicate targets to the workforce.

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NPB Ltd: One of the UK’s leading corregated cardboard fabricator and producer, sensing application across 6 lines, monitoring and recording totals, rates and downtime with live view software. Running from 60 Pcs per min to 600 Pcs per min.

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Johnston Sweepers


Johnston Sweepers: Manufacturer of small, medium and large Road Sweeper Vehicles and Systems. Employing our Andon Light System to clearly highlight stoppages and reasons for stoppages. Linked to Email & SMS alerts to ensure responses to downtime are acted on as efficiently as possible.

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Cereal Partners (UK Nestle)

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Cereal Partners (UK Nestle): Originally 2 x Large Displays supplied, upgraded with Alphanumeric Centre Display and online software for product selection and simple data extraction.

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