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Health and Safety Displays

Why is health and safety important?

It’s good to know the benefits, so we’ve listed 10 reasons why health and safety is important.

  1. It is morally right to ensure your workers return home safe and healthy at the end of every working day.
  2. By protecting your workers, you reduce absences, ensuring that your workplace is more efficient and productive.
  3. Research shows that workers are more productive in workplaces that are committed to health and safety.
  4. Reducing down-time caused by illness and accidents means less disruption – and saves your business money.
  5. In some countries, health and safety legislation is criminal law and you are legally obliged to comply with it. Legal breaches can result in prosecution, fines and even imprisonment of senior executives.
  6. To attract investors and partnerships you may need to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which will include how you protect your workers.
  7. Increasingly, customers want to buy products and services that are produced ethically – so you also need to think about the work practices throughout your supply chain and deal only with ethical suppliers that protect their workforce.
  8. More and more, job hunters – particularly Millennials and Generation Z – seek roles with employers who share their values, so without strong corporate responsibility and sustainability practices you may struggle to attract or retain the best employees.
  9. A good health and safety record is a source of competitive advantage: it builds trust in your reputation and brand, while poor health and safety performance will directly affect profitability and can result in loss of trade or even closure of the business.
  10. Good health and safety at work secures long-term benefits for you, your business and the wider community.

Our displays

At London Electronics we pride ourselves on being able to make Health and Safety displays that meet your exact requirements. Our displays are designed and made by ourselves here in the UK, so we are able to use our vast range of products to build a custom display that is tailor made for your organisation.

Typically our health and safety displays are made using our TITAN and FUSION models. The TITAN displays are made from tri-colour LEDs and are used for displaying alphanumeric messages. The FUSION displays are made from 7 segment tiles or LEDs in the larger digit displays. FUSION displays can only show numeric values but with a customized overlay are still a very adaptable model.

Examples of our range of displays

Our range of Health and Safety displays can vary greatly and show the required information in a simplistic format or with a customized overlay.

Working conditions monitoring

Employers are required to monitor the working environment to ensure the safety of their employees. Temperature is a particularly important factor to monitor because heat is classed as a hazard and therefore the employer has a legal obligation to protect employees from heat.

To help with the monitoring of this we also produce temperature displays. These displays typically show temperature and humidity. They are completely customisable.

Soreen Time Temp Humid
BMSI1 0000 1
Packing Area TH
TH02 0000

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