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Factory Andons Displays

We are well known among some of the world’s best known prestige brand manufacturers as the ‘go to’ people for andon displays which are easy to use, reliable and cost effective.

Most of our andon systems are custom-made, and are flexible enough to expand and evolve as your business grows and adapts to ever changing processes.

An andon is literally a beacon – in its simplest form it can be a single LED which can be lit to indicate the state of something in your process.

More often, several andon indicators are combined, and are usually made with clusters of LEDs so that they can be clearly seen from a long distance.

Due to the diversity of our displays, andons can be used in conjunction with our FUSION and TITAN displays. This allows the operator to receive more information about a stop in the production so line so the correct action can be taken. For example a temperature may have been reached which triggered a stop and paired with a FUSION display the temperature can be seen, allowing a clear decision to be made.

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