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Wireless Remotes


Hello and welcome to London Electronics.

We hope you have been enjoying the new website. This week we would like to introduce to you a product that we think doesn’t get enough credit…… our new wireless remotes!

These wireless remotes will make your life so much easier. No more stretching to reach buttons or tripping over cables. They have a line-of-sight range of up to 60m, 200m or 2000m and are designed to work with our FUSION series of large digit displays.

Depending on the function of your display, you could use a 3-button remote for simple START, STOP and RESET, or a 4-button remote could completely replace the need to programme your display using the front panel buttons.

Using a wireless remote allows your display to be mounted in many more locations, making our FUSION range a versatile choice for you!

If this has sparked your interest, please contact us using the form below to discuss your options.