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TITAN displays

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Safety is crucial in the workplace. To support this clear, visible information that can be updated quickly is needed. Whether inside or outside, messages that are discernible by everyone are imperative.

Our TITAN displays are designed with this in mind. Alphanumeric messages are shown on our TITAN displays, giving employees key information in a visible, colour coded manner. The displays are made of tricolour LED’s which can display messages in red, green or yellow and in normal or daylight viewing brightness. Our smallest TITAN displays 5 characters at 53mm and our largest TITAN displays 15 characters at 236mm high. The maximum viewing distance is 120m.

Our TITAN message displays are very versatile and can be used for many purposes. Such as, directing lorries to loading bays, identifying the shift’s supervisor, welcoming guests on to site or simple start/stop messages. Their modular design enables the TITAN display to be built around your requirements. With the option of customised overlays and a variety of enclosures, we can design a build for you.

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