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The TIM018-MK2 is an important piece of kit. When a 4-20mA signal is sent to several receivers it is important that the signal is not lost or interrupted along the way. If this happens, it can lead to the loss of important data and tracking capabilities.

To prevent this a TIM018-MK2 could be used. The TIM018-MK2 takes a single 4-20mA input and splits it into three independently scaled 4-20mA outputs. These outputs are then load isolated so the loops all work independently and a problem in one loop wont affect the other loops.

The TIM018-MK2 has been designed by London Electronics to split 1 input into 3 outputs.  It is available as AC or DC powered and has DIN rail mounting for ease of use. The mark two’s case is also narrower for denser packing.