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Pricelist update

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In one of our September news articles we discussed the component shortage and the impact it has had on us here at London Electronics. Whilst this has generally settled down, some products can still take several weeks to be delivered. Additionally, the prices of all components have increased with some more than doubling. It is therefore with regret that we must inform you that from 1st February 2023 our prices will increase by 5% for UK customers.

Many of you will deal with our Sales Manager Bob Grummitt. He has this message for you:

“We are aware that times are difficult for everyone at the moment. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly but unfortunately costs are rising and it is an action that has to be taken to maintain the quality of our products. The purpose of this statement is to give notice and allow our customers to plan accordingly.”

If you have any concerns or feedback about this announcement, please contact us on sales@london-electronics-com