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Panel Meter Accessories

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Our INTUITIVE range of panel meters have been designed for their ease of use but did you know that we have a range of accessories that can be purchased so you can get the best out of your panel meter?

A crucial accessory is the SPC4 splash proof cover. This improves the front sealing of a panel meter to IP67 and protects the panel meter from frontal impacts, reducing the risk of buttons being pressed and settings changed.

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A plain lens can be purchased as a simple overlay, this removes distraction from the front of the panel meter and allows someone monitoring the display to focus on the digits. It also helps to reduce the risk of tampering.

INT4 Plain Lens

Our other accessories are all to do with the positioning of the panel meter. It really can be positioned where you want it, on a DIN rail, on the wall in our WALLBOX or for complete flexibility it could be placed in our portable carry case. The choice is yours.

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We also have an excellent fabrication department so if you can’t see an option that suits you, please contact us to see if we can help!