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Butterfly House Display

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On the edge of the Cairngorms, in Scotland, is a little bubble where the temperature is a balmy 27oC but its relative humidity is around 85%! Asian Quail and Timmy the tortoise speed through the undergrowth while butterflies’ flitter through the air.

The Butterfly House of Landmark Forest Adventure Park is a little oasis and a site where one of our FUSION large digit displays is present. Back in 2018, we were asked to produce a display which could show the temperature, relative humidity and time in the Butterfly House. We were delighted to be able to help with this request.

Landmark butterfly house

Our FUSION displays come sealed all round to IP65 and so are perfect for damp humid conditions. A 6 digit display with 6” (150mm) high red digits was produced giving a viewing distance of up to 225ft (75m). Used in conjunction with the FUSION display is a P18 sensor which has a temperature range of -20 to +60oC and can detect 0 to 100% humidity.

We recently contacted Landmark Forest Adventure Park to see how the display was getting on. Aisling Watt very kindly gave us this feedback, ‘We have a lot of people commenting that it’s great to see the live status of the temperature and humidity levels as well as real live time. People actually seem blown away by feeling the heat but also seeing it for themselves, as it’s in a prime location of the butterfly house it is seen by every visitor’.