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For companies based on large sites the ability to convey information quickly and effectively is crucial. This is particularly important when deliveries are arriving on site. JCB had a large display that directed their lorries to the correct drop off bay. This display however was old, out of date and needed replacing. For this project we had to design a display that would be visible and able to withstand the elements……

Removal of previous display 1
Removal of previous display

……. A few months later and one of our largest ever TITAN displays had been built. Made of stainless steel, measuring 2m high and 2.9m wide, it was large (to say the least!). To meet the projects requirements the enclosure was sealed to IP66, had fans to keep the display cool and of course it was JCB yellow!

The display itself had 6 rows of 236mm high digits comprised of daylight viewing tri-colour LEDs. These could then be programmed by JCB to display their message in red, green, or yellow and even have the possibility to flash!
We are delighted to have been part of this project, please contact us to see how we could help you!

Construction timeline