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Component Shortages

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The electronics industry is currently experiencing a component shortage. In the news we have heard about the impact of the availability of chips for new cars and many of us now have cars whose second-hand value has increased dramatically as a consequence. But not as widely published is the impact that the shortage has on firms at the other end of the scale, such as us here at London Electronics.

The availability of components has hit us hard. What might normally be delivered in a few days or weeks, in some circumstances, now has a wait time of several months. We have also experienced long standing component orders being cancelled at short notice because firms can’t fulfil the orders. This has led to an incredibly stressful time here at London Electronics. We want to be able to give customers clear and realistic lead times, this has proved to be very challenging.

Our Purchasing Manager, Darren Purbrick has these words “The last few months have been particularly difficult. We have been using our network of suppliers from around the world to source difficult components, receiving daily updates from our suppliers.  At times we have had to pay significantly more for components to ensure deadlines can be met. But whilst we are still experiencing difficulties these are now starting to lessen and we hope that these delays will have less of an impact.”

Going forward over the next few months we predict that the impact of the component shortage should start to lessen. But if your order is affected by this please be assured we are doing everything we can to complete your order and in many cases we are now able to ship before our estimated date.