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Fusion Large digit industrial weighing displays

Useful functions in our large display range...

Our Fusion Large industrial weighing displays are UK made and let you clearly see important weight, force, torque, strain or load information from a distance, either indoors or outside.

Fusion industrial large digit load cell weighing display with 2inch digits. Sealed IP65

They accept most common weight, torque, force and strain related signal sources, such as:-

  • 4 or 6 wire load cells
  • Half bridge strain sensors
  • 0-10V from weight transmitters
  • 4-20mA from weight transmitters
  • RS232 from weight transmitters
  • RS485 from weight transmitters
  • Most common fieldbus signals
  • T24 wireless data from digital load cells

If it's important and you want everyone to know about it, display it on a Fusion Large display...

Atex and Ex certified large digital displays
For hazardous areas, we can also produce custom Atex large displays to suit your requirements. Ask us for details.

A crane load display during calibration...
Large crane weight load displays

Crane load display during test. This 6 digit display can be read from up to 200m away.
Large crane weight load display with 16inch high digits

All our weighing displays can have data output, which we can save to a cloud-based SQL database for logging, report generation or sharing with team members via mobile phone apps...

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

Our displays are sealed all round to IP65 / NEMA4X and have glanded cable entries. They can be used outside or in harsh food processing wash-down environments and have 3 years warranty.

Large digital weight load display with 6 digits 2 inches high

Large digital weight load display 4 inch digits

Here a Fusion large digital display with 8 inch high digits is summing the loads measured by 6 x INT4-L load cell displays. Summation is digital, with data collected over a 3 wire RS485 data link.

Large digital weight load display 12 inch digits, summating the weights being measured by 6 INT4-L panel meters

The largest versions are ideal for use on travelling cranes, weigh bridges and other extended viewing distance installations...

Very large weight displays

Top features of our Large displays:
  • Sealed IP65 as standard for outdoor or food processing use.
  • Viewing distances available from 25m up to 160m
  • Wall, Suspension or panel mounting
  • 95-265V AC or 11-30V DC power supply
  • Alarm output relays, analog output and comms output options
  • Wide choice of display colours

Large display Output Options

Our large displays also have a wide range of useful output options:-

  • 0-10V, isolated and fully scalable
  • 4-20mA, isolated and fully scalable
  • 2 Alarm relays
  • 4 Alarm relays
  • RS232
  • RS485

What size characters do I need?

With London Electronics large digital displays, you have a wide choice of character heights for different viewing distances.

You should measure the maximum viewing distance you'll need, and use this calculator to work out the ideal character size for you.

This will make sure you won't have to struggle to read the display. And, you won't pay too much for a display which is bigger than you need.

The maximum distance I need to read the display from is ...


See also this viewing distance chart - click to download...

Viewing distance for large led displays

Large displays for popular fieldbus networks such as Profibus, Ethernet I/P, CanOpen, DeviceNet, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485

industrial fieldbus ethernet IP gateway We partner with HMS from Sweden in providing industrial network gateway devices and pre-configured gsd files for most of our display types.

This allows you to easily connect your display to a Profibus, Ethernet I/P, TCP/IP, CanOpen or similar fieldbus network. Ask us for details.

The optional wired Remote Programmer for the Fusion series, model RPFUSION, is supplied complete with 2m of cable and circular 5 pin connector.

Displays have programming buttons on their front panels, but if a display is mounted high up, this remote programmer may be useful.

Fusion large display remote programmer module

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