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The scaling of the panel meter is uniquely simple in the INT4 and Fusion series, allowing you to perform sensor scaling in a matter of seconds. No complex menu programming is used – a real benefit, saving you time and reducing stress. For non-linear systems, we offer 10 point user adjustable linearisation, which is ideal, for example, when using pressure transmitters to monitor tank volume in curved-sided tanks.

They can even give a mirror image display value to allow you to use the panel meters in heads-up applications.

We make life easy for you by using detachable screw terminals.

Analogue outputs are normally used to send the digital panel meter’s measured value to another device, such as a PLC, datalogger, chart recorder or remote display.

This is generally safer than sharing the sensor’s input signal with several devices, as there is less chance that the signal will be corrupted by noise, cabling or connection faults, or by changes in load impedance.

We use a high precision 16 bit D/A system, which ensures that the precision and resolution of the analogue output is high.

We also electrically isolate the analogue output signal from the rest of our circuitry, so that you can confidently connect it to any other equipment without creating a ground loop.

The analogue output can easily be scaled to suit your measurement range. We offer different outputs to suit most requirements, such as 4-20mA, 0-10V and -10 to +10V.

The analogue output can be scaled in proportion to your measurement or in inverse. For example, 0-25000 kg = 4-20mA or 25000 to 0 kg = 4-20mA. It can also be derived from the nett or gross value of your display.


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Often, devices need to share their measurement with serial data networks. We offer a number of useful output types to provide point to point or addressed data sharing.

A useful application allows the connecting of several digital panel meter comms ports together, to be interrogated by a simple service application wheich we can write for you, which posts the values periodically to a cloud-based database. You can then access near-live data from any browser connected to the internet over https or TLS secure link, with one-way encrypted password access. You can view historic data, trends, alarms, graphs etc.


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Our digital panel meters are used in so many diverse applications, we invite users to request their own custom special functions. The architecture of the displays is such that it is reasonably straightforward for us to edit the code to provide unique features specific to your needs. If you don’t see a feature you would like – just ask!

We have the widest range of digit heights for our displays. Our traditional digital panel meters have digits 14mm high, suitable for viewing up to 7m away, but the full range of digit sizes we offer is …

Digit Height Viewing distance
14 mm 7 m
20 mm 12 m
57 mm (2 inch) 25 m (75ft)
102 mm (4 inch) 50 m (150ft)
150 mm (6 inch) 75 m (240ft)
200 mm (8 inch) 100 m (330ft)
300 mm (12 inch) 150 m (490ft)
400 mm (16 inch) 200 m (650ft)

You’ve probably heard the terms 3 1/2 digit4 1/2 digit and 5 1/2 digit panel meter, and wondered what they mean. After all, how can you have half a digit?

Look at the digital readouts below…

The 3 1/2 digit display can be used to show values from -1999 to 1999, and can include a decimal point, by lighting up the red segments, to suit the number you want.

If you count the number of segment connections to each digit, you’ll see that the 1st digit has only 4 wires, because there are only 4 segments.

The other digits have 8 wires (Although we often refer to these as ‘7 segment’ displays, if you include the decimal point, there are really 8 segments)

We say that the left hand digit is only half a digit, as it has half the number of segment connections of a full digit.

3 digit display…

3 1/2 digit display…

4 digit display…

4 1/2 digit display…

5 digit display…

5 1/2 digit display…

6 digit display…

The INT4 series of digital panel meters and Fusion series of large digital displays can be used in any application calling for a 1 digit, 1 1/2 digit, 2 digit, 2 1/2 digit, 3 digit, 3 1/2 digit, 4 digit, 4 1/2 digit, 5 digit, 5 1/2 digit or 6 digit readout.