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Digital Panel Meters - the Intuitive Range - easy to use

Digital panel meters which are easy to use save time and money

Digital panel meter model number creator

Process signal
Scalable process signal digital panel meter for 4-20mA, 0-10V, 1-5V input
Loop Powered
Loop powered 4-20mA digital panel meter
Load Cell
Load cell digital display
Precision 4 wire resistance meter
Conductivity meter, ideal for testing anti-static materials.
Thermocouple and PT100 input digital panel meter for temperature
RPM / Speed
Precision RPM meter
Pressure Transducer
Precision pressure transducer display available with 5V or 10V excitation
Production Rate
A versatile way to measure production rate, with averaging over 1 minute, 1 hour, 8 hours etc
A 6 digit fully scaleable counter with non-volatile memory
Ampere Hours
Precision scalable potentiomet meter, ideal for angle or position measurement
High precision digital timer. Up or down timing, with start, stop and reset inputs. A range of modes is available
High precision digital clock with automatic summer and winter time correction
ASCII Serial Slave
6 digit slave display which accepts RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial data
Contents & Pump Control
high precision tank contents display. Accept pressure sensor or readar sensor. User settable linearisation
Precision torque display
Engine Power kW / HP
Digital power meter accepting RPM and torque input
BCD Slave
2 decade BCD input slave display
BCD Slave
4 decade BCD input slave display
RMS Current
AC current meter with true RMS response
RMS Voltage
AC voltage meter with true RMS response
High Speed Quadrature
High speed quadrature display
Low Speed Quadrature
low speed quadrature display

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Mike Allen, AHE Ltd

If you need to measure any process variable, and you want a meter that is easy to install and set up, the Intuitive Series of 1/8 DIN digital panel meters is for you.

User-friendly, reliable and accurate, with a 3 year warranty. We design, manufacture and supply to all parts of the world. Prices for all our products are on the price list page in the manuals and forms section.

All manuals are available for instant download.

Technical operating manuals for digital panel meters available with instant access

INT4-L digital panel meter for load cells We also make green digital panel meters

Also available in 144 x 72mm format - The Maxi-INT4 series.

Maxi-INT4 large format digital panel meter 144 x 72mm

One of a large number of Hydrogen Sulphide concentration displays we made for a customer involved in oil exploration

A display to show ppm H2S

Digital Panel Meter FAQs [?]

These panel meters are designed especially to be super easy to set up, saving you valuable time and money. Plus, they are precise, stable, cost effective and available from stock. You and your staff will be delighted with the clear, high contrast display, which has adjustable brightness to suit all viewing environments.

They make perfect commercial sense, even when compared to cheaper meters, because they take so little time to set up and will continue working perfectly for years and years even in harsh industrial environments.

See how easy INT4 digital panel meters are to calibrate...

Easy calibrate digital panel meters

They can be set to display 2,3,4,5 or 6 digits and have a wide range of plug-in options to give you useful control, recording and communications functions.

They accept most industrial sensors, so you can use one familiar range of products for many applications. All are RoHS compliant.

The 1/8 DIN format INT4 is a drop-in replacement for the old INT2, but has a clearer setup system and higher performance signal processing. It looks the same, connects the same but works far better.

Mounting dimensions for our most popular panel meter - the INT4 series ..
INT4 digital panel meter dimensions

A group of INT4 digital panel meters in a batching control panel

A number of INT4 panel meters in a batching control panel

You can be confident when using our digital panel meters in harsh environments.

Here, an INT4-C digital panel meter counter is mounted on a concrete batching vehicle.

You can see the SPC-4 IP67 cover protecting the meter, which we make for harsh installations such as this.

The meter is subjected to road spray off the wheels and needs to be clearly readable in direct sunlight.

An INT4-C totalizer panel meter on a concrete batching vehicle

Thank you very much guys! Spot on service as always!!

Sharpness Shipyard & Drydock Ltd

Our Wallbox option, showing an INT-4 panel meter with SPC4 splashproof cover...

Wall box with INT4 panel meter mounted in it, complete with SPC4 cover

We can also include up to 4 alarms and coloured beacons for you, to clearly show alarm status from afar. We can also add audible sounders to draw atttention to important vaues being attained.

Wall box with INT4 panel meter with alarms, beacons and sounder

An INT4-L load-cell panel meter in a portable carrying case, part number PCC1
PCC1 portable carrying case

Other useful accessories for our digital panel meters include:-
  • IP67 splash proof covers
  • Data logging to cloud or local drive
  • Wireless communications modules such as T24
  • Portable carrying cases for testing on site
  • Custom software for unique applications

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

We can also offer near-equivalent replacements for discontinued LSI products such as the Newport Electronics Inc Quanta Q2000 and Q9000 series, 201A series, 202A, 2002, the 6155A-S, as well as many discontinued programmable panel meters from Dixson, DataTrack, Amplicon, Red Lion etc. Just ask and we will do our best to help you.

30 years of digital panel meter and large digital display design, manufacture and export

Tech events during our 30 years in business
1992 : World Wide Web becomes widely available
1993 : Email widely adopted, PDF files
1994 : First EU car with SatNav as standard
1995 : PHP and Apache web server released
1996 : USB port widely adopted.
1997 : Broadband replaces dial-up, Netflix
1998 : Google, Digital terrestrial TV
1999 : Wifi networks available, IoT born
2000 : USB Flash drive / memory stick
2001 : The dotcom crash
2002 : The wireless headset developed
2003 : Hybrid cars, Human Genome project
2004 : Honda's Asimo running robot
2005 : Youtube video hosting service
2006 : Nintendo Wii released
2007 : iPhone - the 1st smartphone, Facebook
2008 : Android operating system released
2009 : Mobile phone apps become widely available
2010 : Instagram
2011 : Raspberry Pi computer announced
2012 : Voyager 1 leaves solar system
2013 : Whatsapp
2014 : The year Virtual Reality became popular
2015 : Apple Pay launched
2016 : 1st Amazon parcel delivered by drone
2017 : Blockchain gains traction
2018 : First rover to land on an asteroid
2019 : Quantum computer beats 'normal' computer
2020 : First private owned human space flight
2021 : First aerodynamic flight on Mars
2022 : Webb telescope deployed at L2

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