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Factory KPI displays and Production Line Monitoring

New: Versions now available with Atex certification

In a competitive market, you need to respond immediately to anything which could affect your production line efficiency. You need to deal with it now, and you need to understand what to do to stop it from happening again.

That is exactly what we specialise in, with over 30 years of experience, helping some of the world's best-known manufacturers deliver the ultimate in their production line efficiency.

OEE and KPI Displays and Software for boosting factory performance

OEE Displays and Factory Performance displays for continuous improvement

Tell us what is important in your process and we will develop an affordable, reliable and effective production line KPI monitoring software system for you, which will pay for itself many times over.

We offer a range of sizes to allow viewing from close up to as far as 200m away. Sealed for washdown and with a 3 year warranty, these displays are reliable and quickly pay for themselves. All are RoHS compliant.

Outdoor health and safety KPI days since last accident large digit digital timer

We can save the live data to a cloud-based system, so you can view the same live data from wherever you are in the world and analyse historic data.

See our factory analysis section for information on our custom-analytics systems.

Stock Status display to show stock status in various stores areas.

Stock status display

"Hi Bob,

Here are some photos of the Displays and a short video in action.

Thanks for some good work by LEL, they are just what we wanted."

Best Regards,
Denis Sturman
C&I Engineer
Saint Gobain Glass

titan message display count down timer video

Here is an example of a simple custom touch screen application we developed, for 5 production lines, able to analyse data and present it graphically and as a .csv file over 6 time ranges.

The touch screen interrogates 5 large overhead digital display counters, each of which show the 3 individual shift totals and a grand total produced for the day.

Simple production line shift counter and reporting app

... and the 5 line displays ...

5 production line displays with 3 shift counters

A Days since Last Accident site safety display

days since last accident safety display

A simple live comparison system to show whether a line is performing to target rate.

Our displays are designed for washdown environments.

Industrial displays need to accept the most common industrial signals, so we have solutions for TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, EtherCAT, ControlNet, 4-20mA, load cells etc.

Real time production line monitor with cloud based admin system

"We had a specific requirement for our station timers and London Electronics were not fazed by this at all.

James visited our site with demo models and explained very clearly what he needed from us in order to get the best product.

We had changing circumstances in our project and LE responded quickly to all. When faced with meeting a much earlier deadline than expected they really pushed on so we could get all the timers we needed.

Overall they are a very professional company, the products they have supplied are top quality and I will be using them in any further projects."

Paul Johnson, Maintenance Engineer: Bentley Motors Limited

Titan message displays at Bentley Motors

New: Ex nR Atex production efficiency displays

ExnR zone 2 atex certified large digital production efficiency displays ExnR zone 2 atex certified large digital and text production efficiency displays

For hazardous areas we can offer the following explosion proof options on most production efficiency displays. Tell us what you need and we will be pleased to quote for Atex certified systems
  • Zone 1 ii 2 G Ex px iiC T6/T5/T4 Gb *
  • Zone 2 ii 3 G Ex nR iiC T6/T5/T4 Gc **
  • EXD Zone 2 on request - POA

* - Requires pressurised air system
** - any product

Ex nR certified large digital displays

The London Electronics ATEX certified production efficiency displays are supplied certified for use in the condition in which they are supplied. No liability will be assumed for any loss or damages of any nature, direct or indirect, including any loss of profits or consequential damages, injury or death suffered or incurred by the buyer as a consequence of failure to install, use and/or apply the product within the scope of the installation document and certification supplied.

Takt time information display at Cummins Generators

Takt timer large display

Production monitoring large KPI displays

A wide range of warehousing monitoring and display systems, such as routing signs, bay status displays, clocks, temperature and humidity displays etc.

Warehousing display systems

Flat pack furniture production monitoring - a case study

large display system

Packing line KPI performance large display

This display system is a fully self-contained display which accepts pulses from the line and computes real-time key performance data ...

A lasrge production monitoring display we made for one of our Norwegian customers. Fully sealed IP65

A foundry casting display system we created for one of our many Norwegian customers.

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

The task
Decorative Panels Furniture asked us to design and build production monitoring displays for each of their flat-pack component production lines.

They wanted a system which was easy to install and use. It also needed to be able to withstand the dusty conditions created by the wood saws.

The information needed to be updated live, so they could see at a glance how they were performing, and take any action necessary to ensure they met their targets.

The production lines are up to 60m long, so they needed displays which would be easy to see from that distance.

Our solution
We designed a fully sealed enclosure to accept 4 of our Fusion large display modules. Each module can accept pulses directly from proximity sensors, and can count pulses, compute rate, compute average speed etc.

We used our standard 6 inch high digits to give the necessary clear viewing up to 60m.

We styled the front of the displays to match the logo and colour scheme used by Decorative Panels. This reinforces their corporate branding impact when inviting prospective customers to view their facility.

Please see Decorative Panels Website

Precision travelling crane display for critical applications

This display gives an easily visible live display of travelling crane positioning in a critical process.

Travelling crane display

Production line efficiency large digital display with clock

A combined synchronised clock and individual production output counter for each componentmanufacturing station.

Production line efficiency large digital display with clock

High performance engine production line efficiency display

An engine production line efficiency display. Note the speaker and power amplifier above the display - various announcements, sounds and cues can be played automatically depending on real-time performance.

Engine production line efficiency display

Food production line performance display

A fully sealed, washdown tolerant large display production line performance monitor.

Food production line efficiency display sealed for washdown

Window Manufacturing production display

It is important in any competitive, tight-margin industry to know whether you are operating to plan. This real-time display lets the manufacturing teams see whether they are on target, so that they can respond immediately if they start lagging behind plan.

Window manufacturing large digital production display

Foundry production display

A pair of fully sealed stainless steel display enclosures for harsh environment use, shown here being assembled and labelled. These displays show important casting data in real time, so that the operators know what is happening wherever they may be standing.

A combination of Fusion numeric display modules and Titan bargraph modules.

Foundry casting large digital production display

Aggregate loading display for tipper truck drivers.

These rugged outdoor displays mount high above various aggregate discharge hoppers in a quarry, to let drivers know about the loads they will be collecting.

Aggregate loading display for tipper trucks

Power station performance large digit display for 380 MW natural gas power station.

This large digital display can be read from up to 25m away and allows power station staff to see performance from anywhere in the turbine hall.

Generator performance display

Green energy generator output performance display

This large digital display mounts outside above a company's reception doorway, to show visitors their real-time green energy generation performance.

Green Energy Generator performance display

Pharmaceutical manufacturing production line performance display

A custom made pharmaceutical manufacturing production line performance display using a combination of Titan and Fusion displays.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing production line performance display

High volume sterile laundry - processing line performance displays

A real time processing line performance monitor for a 24 hour high volume laundry processing hospital linen.

High volume sterile laundry processing performance large displays

Calendar-line large digital production line performance display

Calender line large digital production display

Cardboard mill real-time KPI display - a case study

real time target and actual production line display

Paper mills are humid and dusty environments with high value, fast moving production lines. When things go wrong, the holdups can cost a lot of money...

The task
Smurfit are high volume producers of corrugated board and paper products. Their factories are very large and workers need to know immediately if their production rate should fall for any reason.

Smurfit have been using our range of large production monitoring displays for many years, so contacted us to design a new display for one of their high value lines.

Our solution
Environmental sealing is crucial in card manufacturing environments, as the atmosphere is very humid, often caustic and laden with paper fibre. We designed the enclosure to contain all the necessary computing and display electronics, to minimise the need for connecting to other devices. All that is required is a power connection and a pulse input from one of the rotary encoders on the line.

We styled the front of the displays to match the logo and colour scheme used by Smurfit. This reinforces their corporate branding impact when inviting prospective customers to view their facility.

Please see Smurfit Kappa Website

Colour coding gives a quick indication of the status of complex processes.

real time target and actual production line display

A typical simple target and actual display. All self contained - just mount it on the wall, position a sensor to detect product as it passes down the line and you have a real-time performance indicator!

simple production line monitor display

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

Vehicle Marshalling Displays - a case study

Vehicle marshalling display

Delivery and collection vehicles need to know where to go as soon as they arrive at your facility. Here is an example of how we helped one high volume manufacturing and distribution company achieve this...

The task
Glendinning approached us to see if we could design and manufacture a vehicle routing display system to speed up vehicle turn-rounds at their quarry and concrete plants.

Our solution
We designed a group of large alphanumeric displays, with bright, clear LEDs, which would mount at various points around the plant.

They were sized so that drivers could easily see their vehicle registration numbers from across the marshalling yard.

To draw attention to their pickup or dropoff point, new arrivals would have their vehicle ID screens flashing.

In such a harsh outdoor environment, where fine dust is an ever-present reality, we paid particular attention to the sealing of the enclosures, allowing them to be hosed down with high pressure jets when needed.

In addition to the display hardware, we created a user-friendly PC application for the gate-house staff to help them to manage and route the vehicles as needed.

Please see Glendinnings Website

As well as production data, we can also monitor safety data.

Days since last accident display

We also make custom swimming pool displays.

Swimming pool displays

If you need a count down to an event, we can help! Here we are showing days, hours, minutes and seconds to the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Count down display to an event

Synchronised clock displays with sounders and alarms for break periods. Fully sealed for Indoor, outdoor and washdown environments. Wireless or networked.

Synchronised clock displays

We make marketing promotion displays also, slainte!

A marketing promotion display we designed and built

A vehicle manufacturing line - a case study

A lean manufacturing display on a vehicle production line

Johnston Sweepers manufacture high performance road sweepers for use on runways and urban sanitation...

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

The task
Johnston's production lines use JIT lean principals to ensure efficiency of manufacture. They contacted us to design and build a real-time reporting system to flag any special component requirements and share the status with all necessary internal and external departments.

Our solution
We designed a cloud-based application to allow operators on the line to report shortages or discrepencies, including engineering issues, to the appropriate managers.

As soon as a requirment is logged, it appears on a set of our custom-made andon lights on each stage of their production lines, and at the same time appears on custome made large message displays in the manufacturing, purchasing and engineering departments. All displays can be viewed live on a secure log-in web page also, allowing managers who may be off-site to see exactly what is happening on the shop floor, using an iPhone, tablet or PC.

In addition, emails are automatically generated and sent to the appropriate teams, depending on the nature of the issue.

The new system allows the teams to receive notifications immediately they are made and everything is instantly available securely online for analysis and trend forecasting.

Please see Johnston Sweepers Website

Fiat / Alfa-Romeo test track display - a case study

We designed and built this display for Alfa Romeo on their test track.

The weather affects many things, including how much performance you can squeeze out of a car...

The task
Fiat and Alfa Romeo test drivers wanted to know what the weather was doing at different points around their test track at Balocco. Their Italian instrumentation supplier approached us to design and supply a solution.

Our solution
In conjunction with our Italian Distributor, Leane, we designed a large display system to be mounted at the side of the track. The sizing of the displays had to allow drivers travelling at speed to read the weather data easily.

A small weather station was associated with each display, providing a data stream which we decoded and displayed

The displays included long range motion sensors, so that they would only activate when a car was approaching. This allowed the use of small solar panels to power the system reliably, yet provide sufficient power to create a really bright display, easy to see in direct sunlight.

We built this display for a power station in Iraq

Power station monitoring large control room display.

Download our guide with ideas on how to improve the efficiency of your operation...
Ideas for improving the efficiency of your factory

30 years of digital panel meter and large digital display design, manufacture and export

Tech events during our 30 years in business
1992 : World Wide Web becomes widely available
1993 : Email widely adopted, PDF files
1994 : First EU car with SatNav as standard
1995 : PHP and Apache web server released
1996 : USB port widely adopted.
1997 : Broadband replaces dial-up, Netflix
1998 : Google, Digital terrestrial TV
1999 : Wifi networks available, IoT born
2000 : USB Flash drive / memory stick
2001 : The dotcom crash
2002 : The wireless headset developed
2003 : Hybrid cars, Human Genome project
2004 : Honda's Asimo running robot
2005 : Youtube video hosting service
2006 : Nintendo Wii released
2007 : iPhone - the 1st smartphone, Facebook
2008 : Android operating system released
2009 : Mobile phone apps become widely available
2010 : Instagram
2011 : Raspberry Pi computer announced
2012 : Voyager 1 leaves solar system
2013 : Whatsapp
2014 : The year Virtual Reality became popular
2015 : Apple Pay launched
2016 : 1st Amazon parcel delivered by drone
2017 : Blockchain gains traction
2018 : First rover to land on an asteroid
2019 : Quantum computer beats 'normal' computer
2020 : First private owned human space flight
2021 : First aerodynamic flight on Mars
2022 : Webb telescope deployed at L2

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