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Page last updated: 5th October, 2020

Andon displays

We are well known among some of the world's best known prestige brand manufacturers as the 'go to' people for andon systems which are easy to use, reliable and cost effective.

Stock status andon display

London Electronics andon systems can range from simple stand-alone beacon stacks to more complex secure cloud-based systems with statistical and forecasting database queries, incorporating large digit numeric displays or text displays, with sounders, email and SMS notifications.

Most of our andon systems are custom-made, and are flexible enough to expand and evolve as your business grows and adapts to ever changing processes.

An andon is literally a beacon - in its simplest form it can be a single LED which can be lit to indicate the state of something in your process.

More often, several andon indicators are combined, and are usually made with clusters of LEDs so that they can be clearly seen from a long distance.

Stock Status andon display to show stock status for various production lines.

Andon display with pushbutton station

Andon display with pushbutton station

Special andon formats for your application

New: Ex nR Atex Displays

Atex and Ex nR certified explosion proof andons, digital panel meters, transmitters, bargraph displays and large digital displays

For hazardous areas we can offer the following explosion proof options on most models. Tell us what you need and we will be pleased to quote for Atex certified systems
  • Zone 1 ii 2 G Ex px iiC T6/T5/T4 Gb *
  • Zone 2 ii 3 G Ex nR iiC T6/T5/T4 Gc **
  • EXD Zone 2 on request - POA

* - Requires pressurised air system
** - any product

Ex nR certified large digital displays

The London Electronics ATEX certified products are supplied certified for use in the condition in which they are supplied. No liability will be assumed for any loss or damages of any nature, direct or indirect, including any loss of profits or consequential damages, injury or death suffered or incurred by the buyer as a consequence of failure to install, use and/or apply the product within the scope of the installation document and certification supplied.

We can log andon activity in a web database, so that you can see real-time statistical reports of when, for how long, where and who pushed the button.

This can form part of a powerful downtime-analysis system, which can match your process and give valuable returns on investment very quickly.

andon display system

We can also add grahics to the display, to show exactly where on your plant an active andon is being triggered form...

Andons can be activated with pushbuttons or iPad / android tablets, via USB or from PLC inputs - the possibilities are limited by imagination only.

Networked andon and stacking beacon systems

stacking andon beacons

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