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What makes this a top-performing website?

This apparently simple website design packs a lot of performance punch, thanks to its intelligent, carefully optimised layout and coding.

It is unique, so avoids convention, because convention is 'average' by definition.

The risk of having a WordPress or Drupal or other mass-produced website engine is that it would have a generic performance and feel, similar to others in its class.

London Electronics didn't want that - we do NOT aspire to be 'average' or 'conformist' or 'run-of-the-mill'. We strive to be 'the best'!

So, what makes this site unique and why does it perform so well?

1. It is coded for top performance.
This means it loads fast on all devices, including mobile phones, even in challenging reception areas.

It passes all the critical coding rules for security, accessibility and syntax quality. Its code is streamlined and compact.

In fact, is scores 100% for all 4 key analysis points, in googles site analysis tool.

Try it - go to and test your site.

We challenge you to find another website which ranks as highly as in those tests!

The result of all this hard work is that we rank in top position on Google for most of our key search terms.

2. It behaves exactly the same on a mobile device as it does on a desktop, regardless of which browser you use.
The layout has been optimised for usability and predictability - the minimum amount of searching and clicks are needed to get where you want to be.

The menu is ALWAYS visible, wherever you are on the page, so you always know what is available, and you can get to it fast. It doesn't get squeezed into the usual 3 line menu-icon you often see in the top corner of the page like most other websites.

This helps to keep you permanently informed about all we have on offer, and you can instantly follow the route which most interests you.

3. It is sized to be user friendly!
We purposely DO NOT fill a full desktop window with loads of images and text.

If our page looks a bit like an A4 page on desktop, great! There's a good reason for that. A4 and A5 pages are the most comfortable page widths for people who want to easily scan an article for detail.

Use full screen for video, games and gimmicks - but use smaller A4 or A5 formats for people scanning information.

Why? The amount of eye movement is less, so there is less fatigue and most of what you need to read is comfortably within your field of view.

4. The menu is on the left
Most people scroll their mobile phone with their right thumb. This webite is often used by engineers on site, looking for technical detail, so we make a point of making their lives easier. How annoying is it when you accidentally click on a link or a 'LIKE' button when scrolling through a page?

To avoid accidental link clicks, we place the menu in a clearly visible position, but where it will receive less accidental clicks.

We are working on a choice-option for left handers, to have the menu either on the left or right, whichever you prefer.

5. It is really useful
Our technical website needs to be of use to engineers who want data on our digital panel meters and large displays.

It has the simplest navigation we could devise, where the navigation is always visible. There's no point having a vast web based data library if it is too complex to find what you need, or if it delivers documents which lack information.

You don't need to sign up to get manuals, just click them and they are yours.

All this easily available useful information makes our site really relevant, so we rank up in top place!

Now you know why the site looks and behaves as it does. Years of research into user preferences and usability have resulted in the evolution of the website and coding rules to its current high performance format.

We will continue to seek ways of improving its performance and user experience and invite your feedback on changes you would like to see. You can contact me [here]


Graham Laming, Marketing Manager
Graham Laming, Marketing Manager

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