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Vehicle Management & Logistics displays and systems

Take advantage of our vast experience in producing highly effective, easy to use information displays, tailored to your exact logistics, traffic or vehicle management requirement.

UK made, with 3 year warranty, these traffic management and logistics marshalling displays are relied upon by some of the world's best known logistics and freight companies and quickly pay for themselves. Being custom made, they do EXACTLY what you need them to do, using well proven methods.

Vehicle marshalling display

Wired, Wi-Fi, UHF Radio, 4G, Ethernet or any of a wide range of Industrial Network protocols means we can integrate into almost any site and offer the flexibility you need. Systems can also be entirely stand-alone.

We can also link the data in near real-time to our secure cloud-based system, so you and your team can view your live site traffic status and historic records from wherever you are in the world.

Vehicle marshalling display

Vehicle marshalling display

Freight vehicle traffic flow management signs. Wireless control simplifies this installation and allows easy re-configuration of the marshalling yard layout to allow for changes in container storage location.

freight vehicle marshalling signage

Traffic management display system for a busy north sea pipeline manufacturing client

Traffic management display system for a busy north sea pipeline manufacturing client

Traffic management display system for a busy north sea pipeline manufacturing client

Industrial displays need to accept the most common industrial signals, so we have solutions for TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, EtherCAT, ControlNet, 4-20mA etc.

Fork-lift truck call systems

We have produced some very effective Fork-Lift Truck call systems for major vehicle manufacturers.

The vehicle drivers have a dedicated Android phone which is mounted in front of them, acting as a small cloud-enabled touch screen, with alert sounds.

Whenever a production cell needs re-stocking with a particular item, they select the item and all drivers can see what is required.

The first driver to respond 'wins' the job and the job is taken off the list..

The status of all drivers can be seen in real time, by the shop floor teams, by the drivers and by management, wherever they may be.

This keeps everyone in the know, and the competitive aspect reduces response times.

Fork lift truck control and status monitoring

A wide range of warehouse and factory traffic monitoring and display systems, such as routing signs, bay status displays, clocks, temperature and humidity displays etc.

Warehousing display systems

Distribution Bay logistics message displays

We produce message display systems for use in logistics distribution warehouses. These are often installed at the lorry bays to indicate such information as next destination, trailer number, ETA and so on.

logistics and demurrage message display

We also make message displays for demurrage / vehicle delay calculation and display, with statistical analysis according to each site's particular requirements.

logistics and demurrage loading bay message display

Loading Bay logistics management systems

Everyone's freight management requirements are slightly different, so we approach the design of your logistics Bay Management system starting from your requirements only.

Everything is tailored using your terminology, corporate look etc. There's no excess baggage of unused features to wade through - everything you need is close at hand, everything you don't need is removed.

Custom loading bay management software

logistics and demurrage loading bay message display

Forticrete message display

Download the brochure ...

Bay management brochure

Aggregate loading display for tipper truck drivers.

These rugged outdoor displays mount high above various aggregate discharge hoppers in a quarry, to let drivers know about the loads they will be collecting.

Aggregate loading display for tipper trucks

high reliability traffic light systems

Vehicle Marshalling Displays - a case study

Vehicle marshalling display

Delivery and collection vehicles need to know where to go as soon as they arrive at your facility. Here is an example of how we helped one high volume manufacturing and distribution company achieve this...

The task
Glendinning approached us to see if we could design and manufacture a vehicle routing display system to speed up vehicle turn-rounds at their quarry and concrete plants.

Our solution
We designed a group of large alphanumeric displays, with bright, clear LEDs, which would mount at various points around the plant.

They were sized so that drivers could easily see their vehicle registration numbers from across the marshalling yard.

To draw attention to their pickup or dropoff point, new arrivals would have their vehicle ID screens flashing.

In such a harsh outdoor environment, where fine dust is an ever-present reality, we paid particular attention to the sealing of the enclosures, allowing them to be hosed down with high pressure jets when needed.

In addition to the display hardware, we created a user-friendly PC application for the gate-house staff to help them to manage and route the vehicles as needed.

Please see Glendinnings Website

Weather Condition Warning Displays

We designed and built this display for Alfa Romeo on their test track.

This style of display is also useful on bridges prone to high crosswinds, to alert drivers of real-time wind speed.

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