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Multi channel display, with data logging and network connection Eighth DIN digital panel meters for measuring and controlling most physical variables Custom made message displays for production line monitoring Combined temperature and humidity displays for industrial environmental monitoring Industrial clocks with automatic summer and winter correction, synchronisation to atomic standards Loop powered Eighth DIN digital panel meters Analogue AC and DC panel meters Miniature programmable digital panel meters for AC and DC measurements Fully sealed industrial large digit displays Custom made large displays, in this case an outdoor temperature display for a holiday resort Custom made event count down displays Customised large bargraphs built to suit your specifications Multi-colour panel mounting programmable bargraphs 1/8 DIN bargraph Large format sealed bargraph Multi-colour miniature panel mounting programmable bargraphs Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Custom made and standard message displays for production line monitoring Triple 4-20mA loop splitter Portable carrying case for laboratory or general test use. 1 to 12 panel meter capacity Network enabled power monitor and data logger Generator synchro display and controller IP67 splash proof cover for Eighth DIN panel meters
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Traffic light beacons and Andons

Shrouded traffic lights, available as red/green or red/amber/green as shown here. Ideal for use at gate-houses and other areas where traffic management is required.

A Style more suited to internal installations, for example entrances to recording studios, photographic studios and the like.

A simple indoor traffic control beacon.

Bold HALT and GO signs with low power, high brightness LEDs. Can be rotated 90 degree increments to direct traffic.

Combined STOP and GO_LEFT or GO_RIGHT annunciator.

Multi-Head Traffic lights

The multi-head traffic lights can be supplied in colour combinations to suit, in 2, 3, 4 or 5 lamps per assembly.


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