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Digital Panel Meters for 4-20mA, 0-10V and other process signals
Digital Panel Meter for plating current
Digital Panel Meters as slave displays, accepting RS232 and RS485 input
Digital Panel Meter weighing display for load cell applications.
Intuitive range of Digital Panel Meter clock / timer range
Digital Panel Meter counter / totalizer / RPM and rate
Loop Powered Digital Panel Meters
Intuitive Digital Panel Meter for LVDT Sensors
Intuitive Digital Panel Ohm Meter for Resistance
Digital Panel Meter for speed or velocity of projectile
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Fusion Large displays for 4-20mA and other process signals
Large digit Clocks and Timers for exams, industry and commerce
Large digit Fusion LED pulse input counter, ratemeter and totalizer displays
Health and Safety large displays
Fusion Large digital industrial weighing displays - UK Made
OEE Displays and Software for Continuous Improvement
Fusion Large Digit slave displays for RS232 RS422 or RS485 serial data input
Large Digit T24 slave displays for Mantracourt wireless data input
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Fusion series Large Time and Temperature displays
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