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Automated Return of Materials Authorisation (RMA) - Repair, Modify, RTS, Exchange, Upgrade

Please fill in the form below if you need to send an item back to us for investigation, repair, modification, restock, etc. This will generate an RMA form which will arrive in your email inbox. Please print and include the RMA form with the item(s) you send to us.

Basic investigation charges, for items NOT covered under warranty:
Digital Panel meters:
GB£ 62.00
Euros 62.00
US$ 62.00
CDN$ 62.00
Large displays:
GB£ 103.00
Euros 103.00
US$ 103.00
CDN$ 103.00

Plus delivery and any applicable taxes

These charges are in addition to any remedial work required to return the equipment to full working order. We will let you know these additional costs before we proceed, so that you can decide whether or not it is financially viable to repair. Payments made by credit or debit card may incur additional charges, which we can advise you of.

Items returned for credit:
Items which you are returning to us for credit, through no fault of ours, will be subject to a restocking charge of 25% of the list price (no refund for custom software or hardware), for products made by London Electronics, or greater amounts for items we buy in, plus any costs incurred in returning the goods to resaleable condition, provided they are less than 3 months old.

Privacy Policy:
We will not share or pass your information to any 3rd party.


We will not accept units if they have any toxic, corrosive or radioactive contamination.
You must clean any returned items before you send them to us.
We reserve the right to refuse to accept any goods from you which are dirty.

Action Required:
Investigate, repair/replace
Investigate and quote to repair
Modify as described below
Return to stock for credit
Please give as much detail as you can, with reasons for return, symptoms of problems, circumstances leading to failure, modification requirements, etc. :

Send RMA form:

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30 years of digital panel meter and large digital display design, manufacture and export

Tech events during our 30 years in business
1992 : World Wide Web becomes widely available
1993 : Email widely adopted, PDF files
1994 : First EU car with SatNav as standard
1995 : PHP and Apache web server released
1996 : USB port widely adopted.
1997 : Broadband replaces dial-up, Netflix
1998 : Google, Digital terrestrial TV
1999 : Wifi networks available, IoT born
2000 : USB Flash drive / memory stick
2001 : The dotcom crash
2002 : The wireless headset developed
2003 : Hybrid cars, Human Genome project
2004 : Honda's Asimo running robot
2005 : Youtube video hosting service
2006 : Nintendo Wii released
2007 : iPhone - the 1st smartphone, Facebook
2008 : Android operating system released
2009 : Mobile phone apps become widely available
2010 : Instagram
2011 : Raspberry Pi computer announced
2012 : Voyager 1 leaves solar system
2013 : Whatsapp
2014 : The year Virtual Reality became popular
2015 : Apple Pay launched
2016 : 1st Amazon parcel delivered by drone
2017 : Blockchain gains traction
2018 : First rover to land on an asteroid
2019 : Quantum computer beats 'normal' computer
2020 : First private owned human space flight
2021 : First aerodynamic flight on Mars
2022 : Webb telescope deployed at L2

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