INT4 Digital Panel Meter model number and pricing guide

Intuitive digital panel meter

NBProvides the latest INT4 pricing and automatically includes latest pricing for the old Mk1 equivalents, which are approaching obsolescence.

Meter Function

INT4-AH Plating Amp-hour meter
INT4-C Counter / Rate meter
INT4-H Clock / Timer
INT4-I 4-20mA Flow Integrator
INT4-L Load Cell / Strain meter
INT4-P Process 4-20mA 0-10V meter
INT4-P-DIFF A-B Process meter
INT4-P-SUMM A+B Process meter
INT4-R Resistance meter
INT4-RTU Modbus RTU slave
INT4-S2 RS232 input slave
INT4-S4 RS485 input slave
INT-T Temperature meter
INT4-T24 Mantracourt slave
Analogue Output

No Analogue output
4-20 mA
0-10 V
-10 to +10V
Alarm Output

No Alarm output
2 Mech Alarms
4 Mech Alarms
2 SPCO Mech Alarms
2 Solid State Alarms
4 Solid State Alarms
Data Output

No Data output
Modbus RTU
Display Colour

Red Standard
Red Daylight Viewing
Power Voltage

95-265 V AC
11-30 V DC
Extra Options

-100mV (10mV/V) INT4-L
-H Real Time Clock
-SPC4 IP67 front
-MEM 8 prog. memory
-POT 3 wire pot input
-DINRAIL mounting
-100X fast conversion
-NAMUR pulse input
-1/2 bridge

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