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Process signal Loop Powered Digital Panel Meters

More functions in our digital panel meter range ...

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 :: 1-5V input panel meters
 :: 4-20mA input panel meters
 :: Ampere hour meters
 :: ASCII and T24 input displays
 :: BCD Input, 1/8 DIN, 2 digits
 :: BCD Input, 72x24mm, 4 digits
 :: Check Weigher displays
 :: Clock HH:MM:SS
 :: Counter / totalisers
 :: Depth panel meters
 :: Electro Plating meters
 :: Load Cell panel meters
 :: Loop-Powered panel meters
 :: LVDT panel meters
 :: Plating panel meters
 :: PNP/NPN input meters
 :: Pressure digital displays
 :: Process signal panel meters
 :: Rate panel meters
 :: Resistance panel meters
 :: RPM panel meters
 :: RS232, RS485 input panel meters
 :: Serial data input displays
 :: Speed panel meters
 :: Temperature Sensor displays
 :: Torque Sensor meters
 :: Timer displays - UP or DOWN
 :: Totaliser panel meters
 :: Weighing displays

INT4 digital panel meter pricing

These loop powered digital panel meter need no power supply, because they derive their power from the 4-20mA input signal.

88-PRO Loop powered digital panel meter

88-PRO loop powered 4-20mA digital panel meter

The 88-PRO is a simple, low cost digital panel meter for use with 4-20mA signals.

Precise ...
This digital panel meter is easy to use and has high precision and stability. You can set the display to have 3 1/2 digits (+/- 1999) or pseudo 4 1/2 digits (+/- 19990) or pseudo 5 1/2 digits (+/- 199900)

Flexible ...
This panel meter can be widely scaled to suit most 4-20mA signals and can have a units-of-measure label added to the front.

Operating Manuals

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88-PRO loop powered  Digital panel meter dimensions

88-PRO Specifications
Input connectionsDetachable screw terminal
Input Signal3 1/2 digit LSI converter
Current input 4-20mA
Accuracy+/-0.1% of range
Thermal stability - range+/- 100ppm/oC
Thermal stability - offset+/- 100ppm/oC
Digit colourBlack on Grey
Digits3 1/2 digits LCD, 12mm high. 6 metres max. viewing distance. 3 readings per second.
SealingIP54 standard, IP67 with optional SPC4 cover
ScalingZero and span screwdriver adjusted, with coarse range push-on jumper switches. Units of measure label window.
For example oC, oF, kg, psi etc.
EnvironmentalStorage -20 to +70C
Operating 0 to 50C
Non condensing.
Optional IP67 cover SPC4

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