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Digital Panel Meters - Clone Kit

INT4 Meter and Fusion Large Display Clone kit

The INT4 family of panel meters and the Fusion series of Large Displays include a handy feature which allows you to copy and share (clone) all settings from one device to another, whenever needed.

This is useful if you want to set up several devices with exactly the same settings. The two devices both need to have the same operating code, and should not have the MEM option fitted, nor should they be custom special units, as this only works with standard product.

A simple PC application allows you to copy and save the settings from one device, via the PC USB port and cloner module, to a file.

You can then send that configuration to other devicess, or share the configuration with colleagues over email, etc.

Setup copy for INT4 family of panel meters

You will need to access the internal programming port on the INTUITIVE Meter, by removing the front clip-on bezel.

You will need to access the internal programming port on the Fusion, by opening the case and locating the main control board (the one with 4 pushbuttons).

Part number = CLONE-KIT

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Guide price GB Pounds .00

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