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Poole Lifting Bridge

poole bridge

Poole Lifting Bridge links Poole Harbour to the district of Hamworthy. The bridge spans the mouth of Holes Bay which is a tidal lake. The lake contains Cobb’s Quay Marina and the RNLI All Weather Boat Centre, making this channel of water very busy. It is crucial, therefore, that vessels know the clearance available under the bridge.

To help with this two of our FUSION large digit displays were installed to show the maximum bridge clearance, each located of either side of the bridge. To give vessels time to be able change course, digits 12” high were used, to give a viewing distance of 150m. They were made from green daylight viewing LEDs. Due to the outside location and placement a few meters above the tideline, the displays are sealed to IP66 within a stainless-steel enclosure.

To work with the tidal sensor present, an INTUITIVE panel meter was used to receive the 4-20mA signal. This is then converted to a RS485 signal which is sent to the FUSION displays to give a live reading of the maximum clearance available to vessels.

The products used for this project were manufactured by London Electronics. If you need help on a project, please contact us to see how our products can work for you.