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Cedo Shift Performance

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Cedo is listed as one of Britain’s Top Track 250 companies as stated by The Sunday Times. It produces a range of household products, such as refuse sacks, cloths and sponges, and food contact wrapping.

As part of its efficiency monitoring, we were requested to provide a display which showed the live production figures. The display has a viewing distance of up to 50m and is customised with a CEDO branded vinyl.

At the heart of this system is an INT-OEE panel meter. This meter can receive 2 inputs from sensors on the production line, total number of products and total number of rejects. Information from 1 or both sensors is then used to calculate the OEE%, which is sent to the large display.

CEDO Wallbox

The use of these displays is becoming increasingly common in manufacturing environments. They provide a quick, easy and visual way for companies to monitor the effectiveness of their production line. Please contact us to see how one of our customised displays can help you.