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Resistance Digital Panel Ohm Meters - INT4-R Series

INT4 digital panel meter pricing

Functions in the digital panel meter range ...

 :: 0-10V input panel meters
 :: 1-5V input panel meters
 :: 4-20mA input panel meters
 :: Ampere hour meters
 :: ASCII and T24 input displays
 :: BCD Input, 1/8 DIN, 2 digits
 :: BCD Input, 72x24mm, 4 digits
 :: Check Weigher displays
 :: Clock HH:MM:SS
 :: Counter / totalisers
 :: Depth panel meters
 :: Electro Plating meters
 :: Load Cell panel meters
 :: Loop-Powered panel meters
 :: LVDT panel meters
 :: Plating panel meters
 :: PNP/NPN input meters
 :: Pressure digital displays
 :: Process signal panel meters
 :: Rate panel meters
 :: Resistance panel meters
 :: RPM panel meters
 :: RS232, RS485 input panel meters
 :: Serial data input displays
 :: Speed panel meters
 :: Temperature Sensor displays
 :: Torque Sensor meters
 :: Timer displays - UP or DOWN
 :: Totaliser panel meters
 :: Weighing displays

The Intuitive range of digital panel ohmmeters and controllers are ideal for measuring the resistance of a wide range of components such as:-

  • Motor windings
  • Incandescent lamp filaments
  • Heater Element resistance
  • Inductors
  • Earth bonding
  • Solenoid coils
  • Relay coils
  • Servo coils

4 wire resistance digital panel ohmmeter measuring a low ohmic coil

All our ohmmeters can have a wide range of output options, including:-

  • 4-20mA or 0-10V isolated analogue output
  • 2 alarm relay output
  • 4 alarm relay output
  • RS232 output
  • RS485 output

4 wire precision resistance ohmmeter

We use 4 wire measurement methods to ensure that the cable resistance is cancelled automatically from the measurement.

Resistance ranges are available to suit different applications.

0-1 Ohm full scale is suitable for earth bond and low inductance coil measurements
0-10 Ohm range is suitable for motor winding and some filament lamps
0-100 Ohm range is suitable for solenoids and low power filament lamps
0-1000 Ohms is suitable for relay and solenoid coils

Other ranges are available, which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Bench mounting ohmmeter with pass/fail alarms for HI and LO resistance limits.

Shown here with LO alarm activated, meaning the resistance is too low. Ideally both green lamps will be lit, indicating a pass.
Bench mounting ohm meter with pass/fail alarms

INT Series Digital panel ohmmeter dimensions

New: Ex nR Atex Displays

Exd atex certified large digital displays

For hazardous areas we can offer the following explosion proof options on most models. Tell us what you need and we will be pleased to quote for Atex certified systems
  • Zone 1 ii 2 G Ex px iiC T6/T5/T4 Gb *
  • Zone 2 ii 3 G Ex nR iiC T6/T5/T4 Gc **
  • EXD Zone 2 on request - POA

* - Requires pressurised air system
** - any product

Ex nR certified large digital displays

The London Electronics ATEX certified products are supplied certified for use in the condition in which they are supplied. No liability will be assumed for any loss or damages of any nature, direct or indirect, including any loss of profits or consequential damages, injury or death suffered or incurred by the buyer as a consequence of failure to install, use and/or apply the product within the scope of the installation document and certification supplied.

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