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Digital Panel Meter for load cell, torque, pressure transducer and strain

Digital panel meter model number creator

Easy to use, fast to commission, these digital weighing displays save time and money. Ideal for weight, torque, strain, pressure and stress measurements.

The INT4 series of digital panel weighing meter displays and controllers are probably the easiest to calibrate and configure - see video below.

We design, manufacture and supply to all parts of the world. Prices for all our products are on the price list page in the manuals and forms section.

They are easy to use and precise, saving you time and money.

They accept most common load cell, torque, strain gauge and bridge sensors.

Technical operating manuals for digital panel meters available with instant access

The versatile INT4-L load cell / weighing digital panel meter

Easy calibrate digital panel meters

Also available in 144 x 72mm format - The Maxi-INT4 series.

Maxi-INT4 large format digital panel meter 144 x 72mm

A crane overload monitoring and alarm system using INT4 digital panel meters and Fusion large remote displays...

A custom crane overload monitoring and alarm system using INT4 digital panel meters

Thank you very much for this – this has saved me hours of work.

PN - Development Engineer

INT4-L load cell / weighing digital panel meter display - easy to use!

INT4-L digital panel meter display for load cells

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

The INT4-L is our most popular 1/8 DIN weighing panel meter display which accepts standard load cells with 4 or 6 wire connection and 10V excitation up to 120mA.

Precise ...
This digital panel meter is easy to use and has high precision and stability. You can set the weight display to have 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 digits, depending on the type of measurement you want to make. You can also set the decimal point position.

Flexible ...
This load cell panel meter can be fitted with isolated output signal modules to add filling control and data sharing functions.

Tamper Proof ...
This digital panel weight meter is also available with a plain front panel. All settings can be locked to prevent changes after commissioning.

The small window in the bottom right can have text to identify the units of weight, torque or force such as kg, te, kN, lbs, Nm etc.
The display colour is available in red or green.

A Crane Load display with visual and audible alarms, using the INT4-P

Shown here mounted in a wall mounting enclosure, with SPC4 IP67 splashproof front cover. The meter also has the MEM multi-program memory option, selected by a switch on the left of the display, to call up one of 2 programmed load ranges.

Crane load display with alarms

Here a Fusion large digital display is summating the loads measured by 6 INT4-L load cell displays. Summation is digital, with data collected over a 3 wire RS485 data link.

Large digital weight load display 12 inch digits, summating the weights being measured by 6 INT4-L panel meters


INT Series Digital panel meter dimensions

INT4-L Specifications
Input connections6 screw terminals for 4 or 6 wire bridge load cells.
Input Signal20 bit A/D converter
mV range 0-5 to 0-40mV - 0.5mV/V to 4mV/V
100 Megohm input resistance.
FilteringAdjustable 0 to 25 Seconds. Active filter.
Last digit Round-upSelectable 1,2,5,10,20,50
User linearisationUp to 10 points, direct or theoretical calibration.
Front panel controlsCalibration, Tare, Reset, Max/Min, Alarms
Power100-240 VAC std, 11-30VDC option. 10VA Power burden, max.
Accuracy+/-0.05% of range
Thermal stability - range+/- 25ppm/oC
Thermal stability - offset+/- 30ppm/oC
Analogue outputOptional plug-in 16 bit module
Linearity +/- 0.02% of range

0-20/4-20mA into 0 to 500 Ohms
Resolution 0.4uA
0-10V into loads >600 Ohms
Resolution 0.2mV
-10 to+10V into loads >600 Ohms
Resolution 0.4mV

Accuracy 0.1%of range
Stability 50ppm/C

Fully isolated from input and power
Fully scalable with digital precision

Special features
Forward and reverse action possible
Can be set to operate from nett or gross value.
Alarm outputOptional plug-in relay SPST modules
2 Alarms rated 2A 250VAC, SPST
4 Alarms rated 2A 250VAC, SPST
Selectable normally open or normally closed

Optional plug-in relay SPDT modules
2 Alarms rated 2A 250VAC, SPDT

Optional plug-in solid state modules
2 Alarms rated 50V 100mA DC.

Adjustable hysteresis
In-flight compensation facility.
Energise or de-energise on trip

Special features
Adjustable timers to set energise and de-energise delays. Can also be set to pulse for applications needing less than 100% duty cycle.
In-band and out-of-band alarm function.
Manual and automatic in-flight compensation.
Can be set to operate from nett or gross value.
Serial data outputOptional plug-in modules.
RS485 Addressable
On demand or continuous output.

Special features
Can include time and date with RTC option fitted.
Can be set to operate from nett or gross value.
Digits6 digits, 14mm high. 7 metres max. viewing distance. 10 readings per second. Variable brightness from front panel.
Digit colourRed - standard. Green - optional
ScalingDigital menu-free system, direct or theoretical.

In addition, separate Offset and Scale variables allow you to convert the reading, without affecting calibration.

For example from oC to oF, kg to pounds etc.
Excitation10V DC up to 120mA, to power input sensor. Ratiometric.
Optionally 5VDC
Logic inputs3 logic inputs, individually configurable for Hold, Reset, Tare, Peak/valley, Nett/Gross, Memory Address

Normally open, NPN or contact closure input to activate.

5V open circuit, 1mA switched current.
EnvironmentalStorage -20 to +70C
Operating 0 to 50C
Non condensing.
Optional IP67 cover SPC4
SealingIP65 standard, IP67 with optional SPC4 cover

30 years of digital panel meter and large digital display design, manufacture and export

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1999 : Wifi networks available, IoT born
2000 : USB Flash drive / memory stick
2001 : The dotcom crash
2002 : The wireless headset developed
2003 : Hybrid cars, Human Genome project
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2020 : First private owned human space flight
2021 : First aerodynamic flight on Mars
2022 : Webb telescope deployed at L2

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