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Largest Dairy in the World!

We were chosen to design and install an Andon / Judoka system for this prestigious client. It comprised of over 35 large displays which show important real-time production information to the production teams, clearly legible up to 100m away.

Production line monitoring system

The enclosures are sealed and corrosion resistant to withstand the harsh, chilled washdown environment. Some displays include internal temperature control, to ensure they operate at peak accuracy and reliability over a wide temperature range.

Production line monitoring system

The system dramatically improved the performance and efficiency of the production teams. It helped to instantly notify the engineers and line managers of any stoppages, ensuring fast and benchmarked response from the Engineering team. This has ensured that capacity and output levels are the best in the business.

The system is linked to a bespoke cloud PC software and database system, which we designed and built, so anyone in the factory can view the live status of each line. Automated verbal audio alerts are broadcast over the sound system to ensure immediate awareness of new situations, further reducing downtime.

A site Team Leader said ‘We have improved response times from over 50 mins to under 8 minutes! The system has really increased output. With over 100,000 litres of milk produced every hour, that is a lot of money saved and a very fast return of investment’.

M & J Seafoods

M & J Seafoods are part of the Brakes Group / Sysco. This system monitors live actual-versus-target production, with Andon lights and numeric displays which help to improve line efficiency and communicate targets and real-time actual performance to the workforce.

Production line monitoring system

This application posed the challenge of sensing fish fillets in a cold and wet salty environment.

Production line monitoring system

This system comprised of IP67 rated sensors, 2 large digital production displays and remote-viewing, internally-hosted software with live data feeds around smaller LCD screens in the factory.

Production line monitoring system

Having live performance data available allows the management team to act on any issues in production well before they become critical. This boosts Customer satisfaction, profitability and worker satisfaction, as everyone knows that they have an excellent chance of meeting target, with no surprises at the end of the day, when tallies used to be calculated.

Northern Paper Board

One of the UK’s leading corrugated cardboard box producers needed to ensure they meet Customers' promised delivery times. They benefit from a live production performance display system, with archiving for analysis and trend prediction.

Production line monitoring system

We produced a dedicated real-time monitoring system for each of the 6 lines, so that operators and management can see at a glance as soon as any issues occur.

Production line monitoring system

‘The displays have paid for themselves, the inter-competiveness of the teams has risen, as has the output and efficiency level’ – Senior Management of NPB Ltd.

Nestle UK

Run rates vs. Targets & Actuals

Production line monitoring system

A 3 colour display system clearly shows real time performance to all the team, which greatly improves production rates and with the convenience of automated report creation at the end of each shift.

Cummins engines

We have helped Cummins improve their manufacturing efficiency for many years, on various projects. This system included the design, manufacture and installation of 4 large digital production boards. Using our FUSION and TITAN range of products, the displays show live information to the shop floor for each engine line.

Production line monitoring system

Information comes from the customer's existing site-wide performance and order system.

Managers can now share instant messages with the team, to share information on any important issues, stoppage information, quality and safety alerts, to help continuously improve performance and reduce downtime.

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30 years of digital panel meter and large digital display design, manufacture and export

Tech events during our 30 years in business
1992 : World Wide Web becomes widely available
1993 : Email widely adopted, PDF files
1994 : First EU car with SatNav as standard
1995 : PHP and Apache web server released
1996 : USB port widely adopted.
1997 : Broadband replaces dial-up, Netflix
1998 : Google, Digital terrestrial TV
1999 : Wifi networks available, IoT born
2000 : USB Flash drive / memory stick
2001 : The dotcom crash
2002 : The wireless headset developed
2003 : Hybrid cars, Human Genome project
2004 : Honda's Asimo running robot
2005 : Youtube video hosting service
2006 : Nintendo Wii released
2007 : iPhone - the 1st smartphone, Facebook
2008 : Android operating system released
2009 : Mobile phone apps become widely available
2010 : Instagram
2011 : Raspberry Pi computer announced
2012 : Voyager 1 leaves solar system
2013 : Whatsapp
2014 : The year Virtual Reality became popular
2015 : Apple Pay launched
2016 : 1st Amazon parcel delivered by drone
2017 : Blockchain gains traction
2018 : First rover to land on an asteroid
2019 : Quantum computer beats 'normal' computer
2020 : First private owned human space flight
2021 : First aerodynamic flight on Mars
2022 : Webb telescope deployed at L2

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