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Panel Mounting Printer PMP-1400-V

These panel mounting printers are economical, easy to use and reliable. They are ideal for use in a wide range of test and recording applications where you need a permanent record of a transaction or measurement.

When used with our digital panel meters, you can include date, time and descriptive text, along with branding content.

Panel mounting printer

  • Print instantly and securely using the latest NFC technology
  • High performance thermal printer mechanisms ensure fast, reliable printing even at peak times
  • 12m of print per paper roll reducing paper changes and minimising maintenance for operational efficiencies
  • Reliable long life expectancy with MCBF of 3,500 paper rolls
  • Easily print from smart devices for a truly connected business
  • Robust yet stylish design that is suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting with a choice of mounting methods

Power Supply 9Vdc to 36Vdc. 2A typical, 5A peak (at 12V)
Dimensions 80 x 83 x 67mm (H x W x D)
Panel Cutout 75 x 75 mm (W x D)
Depth behind panel 44mm max.
Weight without paper 136 grams
Print Method Fixed head thermal mechanism
Print Speed Up to 80mm/s
Paper Specification Paper Roll Width: 57.0 ± 0.5mm. Max roll diameter: 36mm (approx. length: 12 metres). Accepts paper rolls with or without a core. Thermal paper roll - A05836TPRI
Print Width 48 mm
Dots Per Line (Graphics) 384
Dot Spacing 8 dots/mm (vertical and horizontal)
Sensors Paper Out (Opto-reflective). (Mechanical head up optional)
Data Buffer 10 KB (10240 Bytes)
Baud Rate Up to 115,200 Baud (9600 Default)
Data Input USB 2.0 Full-speed, RS-232 Serial
Character Set IBM® 224 character set, CP437. (See note 1)
Number Of Columns 12, 16, 21, 24, 42, 32 (Default). (See note 1)
Font (Dots) 8 x 16, 7 x 24, 10 x 24 (Default). (See note 1)
Add-on Modules Ap1400TTL: Module with Serial TTL and USB2,0 Interfaces Ap1400P: Module with Centronics Parallel Interface Ap1400RTC: Module with Real-Time Clock Module
Support Software Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2k, WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows CE, Windows mobile, Linux and Blackberry.
Operating Temperature 0 - 50°C
Reliability - MCBF 108 print pulses or 50kms. >13 million print lines (Approx. 3,500 paper rolls).

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