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Digital Panel Meters - measure anything, control anything - easily!

If you need to measure process variables, the Intuitive Series of digital panel meters is easy to use, reliable and accurate, with a 3 year warranty.

These panel meters are super-easy to set up, saving you time and money.

They can be set to display 2,3,4,5 or 6 digits and have a wide range of plug-in options to give you useful control, recording and communications abilities.

They accept most industrial sensors, so you to use one familiar range of products for many applications. All are RoHS compliant.

INT4-L digital panel meter for load cells
Easy to use digital panel meter Loop powered digital panel meter Load cell digital panel meter

See our demo video below, showing just how easy it is to calibrate an Intuitive digital panel meter!

The INT4 is a drop-in replacement for the INT2, but has a clearer setup system and higher performance signal processing. It looks the same, connects the same but works far better.

For manuals, please see [Panel Meter Manuals]

Leaflet for the INT-4 series of digital panel meters [i]
Catalogue page for the INT-4 series of digital panel meters [i]

Mounting dimensions for our most popular digital panel meter - the INT4 series ..
INT4 digital panel meter dimensions

Choose from these functions in our digital panel meter range ...

... and many more, including versions for:-

  • AC RMS current and voltage
  • DC current and voltage
  • Precision low resistance measurements
  • Precision temperature measurement
  • Projectile velocity displays
  • 4-20mA linear integrators for flow-rate to volume display
  • Ampere minute meters for electro plating process monitoring
See our FAQ page on digital panel meters and large digital displays for more insight into the architecture and capabilitiies of our displays.

Thank you very much guys! Spot on service as always!!

Sharpness Shipyard & Drydock Ltd

See how easy the INT4 is to calibrate...

Panel meter IP67 Splashproof cover

SPC4 splashproof cover for digital panel meters. Rated IP67

An INT4-L load-cell panel meter in a portable carrying case, part number PCC1
PCC1 portable carrying case

An INT4 mounted in a wallbox enclosure, complete with SPC4 cover
IP65 wall mounting enclosure for digital panel meter

Other useful accessories for our digital panel meters include:-
  • Data logging to cloud or local drive
  • Wireless communications modules such as T24
  • Portable carrying cases for testing on site
  • Custom software for unique applications

cloud based data logger and trend analysis system

Wireless communications with our digital panel meters and large displays

Wireless digital panel meters and large displays

Model INT4-AH Electro Plating ampere minute or ampere hour meter.

Electro plating ampere hour meter INT2-AH

Velocity meter, suitable for projectiles and vehicles from 0.1m/min to 1000km/h

Projectile velocity measurement meter

Tell us what you need and we will be pleased to help.

Intuitive Digital Panel Meters are easy to set up ...

Here are a few examples of the simple setup you will find with the Intuitive family of panel meters. We really work hard to make your life easy.

Drift Cancelling system:

Setting Filter time constant.

Analog output scaling

Brightness adjustment

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